Our Story

Our Story

A private gallery in Singapore that aspires to highlight various collectors' collections, design, and innovation.

Our story begins with a deep admiration for the creative works of different individuals. We envisioned a private gallery in Singapore that would showcase various collections, designs, and ideas from collectors. While growing up, we always wondered if there was a place that could highlight the creativity of unique individuals, and this quest led us to create HobbyVerse. 

Although the journey towards achieving our dream has been challenging, we have always had the support of those who believe in us. Thanks to the encouragement and backing of various people, we have been able to start a small showcase of people’s creative works, both in the physical and virtual world.

At HobbyVerse, we firmly believe that each person has their own unique story to share, but often lack the platform and collaboration to do so. Therefore, we have created a space where collectors can showcase their creative works and use our products to build their own story. 

Welcome to HobbyVerse, the perfect platform to fuel your creativity and bring your unique ideas to life.

Do visit us on Mon to Sunday from 1-9pm.

Credits to LEGO Castle / Brick Knights Alliance
Credits to Brickz Dimension